BX Timber Holder Description


Anti - Impalement From The Start


The holder will grip timber sizes of 90mm or 100mm (old 4”) with a recommended minimum thickness of 45mm.

We highly recommend the holder be tec screwed through the pre-drilled holder holes to help secure the timber in place.

Steel fixers when starting to fix starter bars can use the BX Timber Holder, which creates an anti-impalement free work area from the very beginning.


Safer Innovation to Mushroom Caps


The BX Timber Holder when used correctly helps protect against the risk of impalement and injury from exposed or unprotected re bar starters.

The highly visible holder and timber are extremely detectable, thus helping to improve the safety of your team members and your worksite.


One Holder Fits Various Sizes


Although safety has no price, the BX holder is a value driven item that will not only save your team members from injury, it will also save you time and money.

We have designed the holder to firmly fit re bar sizes from 10mm-32mm, therefore never running out of the size you always need.

We advocate they be secured and spaced no wider than 1000mm centres.