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As we do not provide advice, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself / your site requirements that any product or service you receive from us meets your particular needs.

The statements for recommended use and suitability of the BX Timber Holder as found are based on normal site and weather conditions, where the product has been installed by an experienced and competent installer, and are for general guidance only. 

They are not a warranty as to performance or fitness for a particular purpose in a specific environment that may be subject to external force, abuse or unusual or extreme weather conditions. You must determine the suitability of the product for your purpose prior to purchase. 

Consult us if you have any queries about the product. 

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude our liability for losses suffered or incurred by you arising out of to external force, abuse, improper or incorrect installation of the product or where the installer did not take into account the use of the product in conditions at time of installation.

Our terms and conditions of sale apply to all orders. Our publications are subject to change without notice.

Before taking action with above, always refer to your site HSE requirements as these may differ from site to site.

BBXB Group Pty Ltd has taken all reasonable care to produce information that is accurate, however, we cannot guarantee that it is free from errors; we reserve the right to refuse any order without giving reason. Upon cancellation of an order, we will make all reasonable attempts to contact you using the details provided. All received monies will be refunded using the method received.